About me


(picture has nothing to do with chutney)

So who am I, and why did I get into this jamming lark? A Brit now working in Canada, with a chronic inability to follow recipes all the way through. Luckily I have a recipe-loving friend who reins me in when the ideas get too wacky and helps transform the fruits of the weekly farmers’ market into something that lasts. I admit I sometimes struggle to get through these countless jars before the next canning/jamming season rolls around, although the arrival on the scene of a sauce-loving Canadian partner has definitely helped boost the turnaround rate.

“You should blog about this,” my bike-riding, blogging friend said.

So here we go. Every so often I blog about bread or ginger too.

Then we started renovating a home, so blogged that one too. Click over to that blog for details.


  1. dorothy said

    I loved the picture of the ginger. Where does one buy such plump ginger?
    great picture of you too.

    • Isn’t the Internet wonderful? Type in “ginger” into Google’s picture search, and here it is.

      OK, I should have taken my own picture of my own ginger, but all my ginger is chopped up in the freezer, which really doesn’t make for good visuals.

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