The wish list

A list, to add to as the mood strikes me, of things I really want to make one day. As much as anything else, it’s a reminder of the wonderful things out there in the internet world, which has become far more exciting than a recipe book

Turmeric cucumber pickles. Recipe suggests 3 teaspoons whole mustard seed ¾ cup sugar 3 teaspoons turmeric 18 whole cloves. Clearly variable.

Tomato pie anyone, to use up the heirloom tomatoes.

Triple ginger nectarine jam sounds amazing. And there’s also a peach jam with caramelized onion and basil.

Pickled rhubarb. Has to be worth a try.

Quick fridge jams with herbs and fruits — make a couple of jars and eat them quickly. Perfect for challenging kitchen circumstances like the ones I have right now.

Similar deal with an intriguing sounding pickled strawberry jam from the New York Times. EDIT: don’t bother

Blood Orange Strawberry Marmalade with a hint of Rosemary. Although I’m not sure we’ll find blood oranges and strawberries in season at the same time.

This sounds like the perfect strawberry rhubarb jam

Got to work my way through these — 20 perfect pickles. I fancy the eggplant for starters.

Raspberries and rhubarb? Sounds like an easy (and tasty?) jam, although I am a little wary of diluting the perfect summer taste of  raspberries. Maybe a few jars as an experiment?

Garlic scape pesto. For next spring, I assume.

Super simple apricot jam. EDIT: Needed far less cooking time.

Or while we’re on the apricot theme, howz about apricot rosemary jam. EDIT: nice taste, but a little woody from the rosemary.

A major 2010 success story was the peach pepper jam, with a bite from crushed up white peppercorns. Now I’m coveting this peach, rosemary peppercorn jam, although I might lose the rosemary and substitute nectarines.

For next year, as I have peach salsa coming out of the wazoo this year. Another peach salsa, with all the right flavors.

It’s not a jam, but I really fancy the idea of these pear muffins. I wonder where my muffin tins are in the temporary home.

Pear cranberry jam. Sounds like the quince cranberry jam we made last year.

Next year’s peach salsa.

Ginger scallion sauce, which sounds easy and tasty. Edit: It is. Very easy, and amazing with sandwiches, fish, chicken. Anything, almost.

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  1. Made the peach salsa this year. Held back on the peppers (should have known not to do that), but was still great. Definitely recommend it!

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