When dinner bites back

The berries are just about over at the community garden, and there’s a load of other things that have not made it to the harvest-me stage yet. So today I came back with baby stinging nettles, which I always wondered about cooking, but never did. I had just a handful, picked carefully with gardening gloves, and I did wonder if they would still sting as I rinsed them carefully in cold water (they did). I steamed them up with butter and some tarragon and served them with steamed garlic French beans and feta cheese for a super light supper.

Stinging nettles, once you cook them about five times as long as you think you want to cook them, taste rather nice, like an intense spinach without the metallic taste you get with spinach.

Of course the nettles should not be in the garden in the first place, so our next task is probably to get rid of them once and for all.

But I did enjoy my little experiment.nettles


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