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We don’t do Christmas in the Bread and Ginger household, given his status as a consumer-unfriendly, non-practicing Christian, and mine as a Christmas-indifferent, non-practicing Jew. He ruled a while back that there would be No Gifts, which actually works for me, given that I have yet to succeed in buying him anything he likes and I don’t like the idea of dropping heavy hints about what he gets me.

But a Christmas meal was a big part of my secular Jewish upbringing, and this year I decided to revive the tradition, picking a day just before the official holiday to mark the non-occasion. The menu: roast goose, because it tastes so good, red cabbage, because my mother always made it, roast potatoes, because good roast potatoes are truly hard to find, and baked Brussel sprouts with turmeric, along with gravy and a prune/apple sauce that seems to work with goose. And forgive me for boasting, but it was amazingly, awesomely good.
IMG_0627Recipes: Tried and tested Delia Smith for the goose, the prune apple sauce and the roast potatoes (using goose fat, of course), the internet for some Danish red cabbage,  and a load of guessing for the sprouts. I sloshed wine into the gravy and squished an onion and a couple of organic lemons into the goose. Leftovers have done two meals so far, plus a couple of sandwiches, with probably one more to go. The carcass made an anmazing, almost gelatinous stock, and there are almost four cups of flavorful cream-colored goose fat for a winter of soups and stews. Normal, mostly vegetarian status will be resumed as soon as it’s all used up.


Having said that, anyone got goose fat cooking suggestions?



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  1. That menu is right up my sleeve, yummy! And Christmas lunch is a great secular Jewish tradition (just arrived in London and had the best turkey at my MIL’s). Happy hols to you! xx

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