Not quite magic

Cinnamon buns were the surprise theme of our Vancouver Island vacation last week, ranging from dry scone-type things to scrumptious yeasty creations that were far too big to fit on a regular plate — we actually asked one shop to cut the single bun in four and ate it over two meals. So it seemed only logical to try to recreate the magic when we got back here.

But I have had mixed results with cinnamon buns this year, including a batch of cinnamon-flavored rocks, and one batch that was mediocre-plus. There was one magnificent batch, but I didn’t save the recipe. So I turned to the cutely titled All you knead is bread, which produced the chewy black rice bread I made a few months back. I admit I was suspicious that the yeast dough included neither butter, eggs, milk or sugar, but there was butter in the filling and I was too lazy to plow through the internet for more inspiration.


No clue why, but this recipe was so lacking in liquid that it refused to turn to dough, so I threw in an egg and some milk to create something that I could actually knead. The filling needed more cinnamon, and I abandoned the idea of dunking the whole thing in a sugar butter mix before baking it in favor of a drizzled glaze of sugar, milk and lime juice, which meant I was back to scrimcoaching, aka not really following a recipe at all.

The results: Not bad, if a little overcooked.

IMG_0573I asked this before, but nobody answered. Anyone got a really good cinnamon bun recipe to share?


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