I’m so proud

Back in the fall I visited the Toronto Garlic Festival, a bonanza of bulbs, sauces, relishes and garlic ice cream, which I did not try. But I did come back with a collection of organic Ontario garlic bulbs, which I duly split into cloves and planted at random in the pocket handkerchief back yard.

Come spring they started poking up through the still-cold soil, and a few weeks back I hacked off the scapes (the curly bits that would turn to flowers if you let them) and turned it into some garlic scape pesto sort of thing.

The plants kept growing, and started turning a little brown around the edges. New Jersey canning buddy, who knows about such things, said that was a Good Sign, so I put out a quick prayer to any garlic god available, and started digging.

Here’s what happens to a collection of organic garlic cloves after 9 months of soil, rain, sun and (mostly) neglect.


I rinsed them carefully under the hose, blotted them on newspaper and then put them out downstairs in the basement to dry.

I hope they are cat-proof, because this is certainly one curious cat.


Help me peoples. What should I cook with fresh-from-the-garden garlic?



  1. The Brit says:
    I see a contest for next year !!

    • Cea said

      No contest. You have a whole raised bed for garlic, and I just have space between the raspberry canes.

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