Raspberries and …

Whatever possessed me to pick my busiest weekend of the year — some 26 hours mostly in front of the computer over just two days — to launch into a mad, six-batch jamming session including a dash through the pick-your-own to pick up the super-fresh fruit? In reality, it was the only weekend that worked for me and for canning buddy, so we didn’t have that many options. But honestly, am I totally utterly mad?

We left the house at 730 for the picking fields, were back just before 10 and I interspersed real work with sticky, jammy goo while canning buddy kept things under control. By 2pm we were done, I moved back up to my air conditioned office and launched back into work mode for the rest of the day.

I’m too tired to be too intelligent about this post, but here is what we did, all (barring the last one) using varying quantities of fruit, sugar and lemons to a 3:2:1 ratio — three (or six, or nine) cups of fruit, two (or four or six) cups of sugar and one (or two, or three) lemon(s). You mix em up, heat gently until the sugar dissolves and then boil like crazy until it sets. Bottle, waterbath, cool, eat. Far easier than pie.

No pectin.

None of them need it, and I don’t like cooking with pectin anyway.

  1. Plain, simple, ordinary raspberry jam. It’s summer in a jar. It won’t last long
  2. Experimental raspberry jalapeno jam, with a chopped, deseeded jalapeno added to the mix at the last second. The inspiration came from the Santa Fe farmers’ market a few years back, plus last year’s super successful experiment with peach jalapeno jam.
    Rating: 4 (out of 5) There’s a nibble rather than a bite to this one. Either we get brave and throw in the seeds as well next time, or we add a second jalapeno. But even without the bite, it’s a very satisfactory raspberry jam
  3. Raspberry chocolate jam. We made two jars of this, inspired by a German-English blog that showed up in a WordPress search.  How can you go wrong if you throw a spoonful of top quality chocolate chips into the hot jam and then stir it around to help it melt a little. We made just two jars, which is probably just as well, because I can see the still-whole chips suspended in the jam and am starting to wonder what it’s going to taste like. (Rating: 3-1/2 (out of 5). The unmelted chips are disconcerting, especially as a raspberry jam has pits anyway, and the chocolate that did melt (at the bottom of the jar) makes the jam a little sweeter than I would like. Try unsweetened cooking chocolate next time? )
  4. Raspberry strawberry jam. This was a knock-your-socks off recipe from last year. Not doing it again was not an option.
  5. Raspberry cherry jam. I have mentioned before that this one is not my favorite. Cherries should be eaten fresh. But the spouse and the canning buddy both like it, so we made it anyway.
  6. No pectin strawberry jam. The New York Times provided the recipe for this one, noting that a single kiwi adds all the pectin you need to turn a three-pound batch of strawberries to jam. It’s surprisingly dark, after a boil that was maybe half the 30-40 minutes the recipe suggests, and it’s a beautiful soft set with tempting chunks of strawberry. Three big sprigs of grown-in-the-garden mint gives it some serious attitude. I think I might have to spoon this one out straight from the jar. (Edit: The seals on one  jar didn’t take, so I was forced to open it immediately. It confirms the spoon-from-the-jar impressions. At least a 4-1/2 out of 5) 


Come on, fess up. Which of those would you most (or least) want to try?


  1. catta92 said

    Thank you for trying the berry chocolate idea. I am sorry, that you had trouble making the jam. My chocolate dissolved (I used a left-over chocolate bunny from easter 😉 ). Maybe your chocolate chips are bake stable…anyway, you invented stracciatella raspberry jam 😉
    Your jalapeno jam sounds interesting and may be the perfect gift for a friend of mine – thank you for this idea!
    Have a nice day!

    • Cea said

      Yes, I think that was the issue. It was chocolate chips for baking, rather than chocolate for melting. Maybe next time I will put it into the pan, where the jam is hotter, rather than in the jar, where it will cool down. The raspberry jalapeno jam is very nice. Has quite a kick.

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