Fishing around

I really wanted to like “Good Fish” the book of the month in the cookbook challenge from OhBriggsy and Grow and Resist. I love fish, and it’s usually my meal of choice when I eat out. And this one is for sustainable fish — the stuff we ought to be eating rather than the stuff we’re overfishing to extinction all around the world.

But I’m sad to say that “Good Fish” and I never bonded despite a number of read-it-through attempts. Some recipes had a vague appeal. But when I looked more closely, most of them were a notch too finicky, with ingredients I would have to go out of my way to find, or different layers to make the meal  look pretty on the plate. I am, it must be said, a lazy cook. Most of the stuff I make tastes good most of the time, but plating food to look pretty just isn’t what I do.

But having wimped out on the February Cook the Books dumpling challenge, I wanted to try something (anything) this time around. The recipes for mussels looked the best of the bunch, but I made mussels for my last cookbook challenge. I needed something new.

Cue squid, which  I’ve ordered at restaurants, but have always been a little afraid of cooking. Well-cooked squid is tender (although often bland).  Overcooked squid is almost as bad as eating whale.

I chose a recipe near the back of the book called quick squid with red chili sauce and herbs, where you marinade the squid for a few minutes in a mix of fish sauce, lime juice and spring onions, stir fry it for another few minutes and serve it in a lettuce wrap with herbs and (bought) sweet chili sauce.

I admit it was quick to make, but at the end of the day I bonded with the squid just like I bonded with the book, which is barely at all. It was tender not rubbery, but without the chili sauce it was beyond bland, despite all that fish sauce, lime juice and seasonings. I broke the serve-in-lettuce  rules and added brown rice and french beans with garlic, but even that barely added pep.

Anyone out there with a squid recipe that is worth trying?

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    Came across your blog about 2 years ago looking for the quince fruit that I was looking for to do my marmelade, the tree that i had died aroung that time. Although it didn’t die completely i was out of fruit to do my marmelade! Saved your blog on the squid recipe with the intention of sending you a much tastier recipe to me anyway (European style)! Since i was cleaning out my emails today, here it goes, hope you like it.
    “Squid stewed” In a pan put a little olive oil, a few tablespoons (just enough to make onion golden) , some chopped onion, garlic, pepper, salt, chopped italian parsley ( i try to use all fresh products) let products cook for 5 minutes until onion is golden mixing with wooden spoon. Throw in some chopped tomatoes when those are cooked throw in some chopped potatoes (thinned sliced) and the squid chopped like you have yours! Use very little water to cook, between the water from potatoes and water attached to squid from washing it you don’t have to use to much more water maybe just a little bit! Enjoy!

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