Sweet horizons

For a while I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect cinnamon roll. I rejected the ones at the farmers’ market for being too sticky, and the ones across the way at the south market at St Lawrence didn’t have enough cinnamon. So there was nothing for it but to try my own.  Bread worked like a charm. Surely nothing could go wrong with something a simple as a cinammon roll?

Well, little did I know.

The first thing I discovered is that there are as many online recipes for cinammon rolls as there are recipe sites, and each one was different. With yeast or without? With raisins or not? With glaze, frosting or nothing? Wholewheat or white? How many eggs? How much butter? Cream cheese? Cocoa?

So I decided to forget the online recipes and use the dough for my mother’s “yeast cake”, which she made as a circular pastry with a cocoa/sugar or cinnamon/sugar filling. But my mother followed recipes even less than I did, and the instructions were somewhat vague:  an ounce or two of butter, about a pound of flour, enough milk to make a paste from some of the flour, fresh yeast.

Straight out of the oven, these little twirls were rather nice, but they quickly hardened to an almost rock-like consistency which the spouse said I should not offer to friends. I did anyway. One declined and the other chewed gamely, before suggesting that they might be ok, microwaved to freshness and slathered with butter.

It was clearly time to try a real recipe.

Cue Canadian Living’s wholewheat cinnamon buns, which I made with stoneground white and brown flour, and added a drizzle of maple lemon icing over the top.

It was pretty good, and they are disappearing fast, but it’s not perfection yet. I think we need more cinnamon, and maybe a different type of glaze.

Anyone got a completely over the top cinnamon roll recipe they want to share?

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