Don’t let it run away with you

Confession time.

I like a runny jam, but that last marmalade never made it past the syrup point, with the translucent Seville orange peel barely suspended in clear, pale orange liquid. I waited a few days, because marmalade does firm up well after you think it will, but nothing much happened. Still a syrup.

So I emptied out the jars, washed them carefully and boiled the marmalade up again for another 7 minutes before rebottling it and waterbathing it all over again.

My original 7-1/2 jars came out as a jam-packed six (excuse the pun), which was just the right number to fit into the pan I was using for my water bath.

But my marmalade now mounds nicely on the spoon, and it’s half a notch darker than it was before, with that tart bite that you only get with real Seville oranges.

I like.


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