Better late than never

We’re late to the tomato party this year, what with canning buddy’s absence over the summer, and then I got sick just as the summer was coming to an end.

But we caught up with ourselves with a weekend frenzy that left us with a stunning 38 jars of crushed tomatoes, ready to be turned into soups, stews and sauces once winter rolls around. It was the standard recipe from the Balls/Bernadin canning books, with salt and bottled lemon juice as the only add-on ingredients. You peel, crush, can and water bath, for a long 35 minutes for each batch of jars.

Things I learned:

  • Two people is somewhat harder than three for the get-things ready production line. But you do end up with a bigger share of the bounty, which more than makes up for it.
  • This is probably the one time in the year when I regret not buying the six-burner stove.
  • Ten 500 ml  jars just fit into big canning saucepan. And not one jar broke.

Come winter, when the only tomatoes in the store are the anaemic hothouse ones, I’m going to be smirking.

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  1. You might win on the most for a single canning session! (we did a lot last year, also divided several ways). Crushed tomatoes look good too — I have either just put some lemon juice in a jar and then jammed it full of quartered tomatoes, or made sauce, should try crushed.

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