Creative capering

The wild and wonderful nasturtium plants have been one of the unexpected highlights of our pocket handkerchief back garden, with a serious splash of color among the herbs and other stuff. At their peak, before I started tearing out handfuls of plants and putting them in the compost, they were drowning out two of our three Japanese quince bushes, and both fennel and chives were buries in a sea of nasturtium orange and green. I could use the flowers in a salad, for their color and their peppery bite, but I wanted to try to be braver this year. I’m told that pickled nasturtium seeds taste like capers. It was time to try this out.

The internet recipes I found suggested brining the seeds for 3-5 days first, to remove some of the bitterness, and then draining them and replacing the brine with a vinegar/sugar/spice mix. I guess I’ll give things a week or so, and then report back.

I mean how bad can it be?


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