Pairings (pears may come later)

A few thoughts on some of the recent adventures, with success, serious success and a little bit of ho-hummishness, and it really is all about what you mix with what.

Here are a few recent ratings, along with other thoughts.

Peach salsa 2-1/5 (out of five)
There are several reasons why people use recipes, and this made-up-recipied salsa is probably one of them. It’s pleasant enough, but it’s a little mushy and a little runny. I will make a peach salsa again, but I will find a recipe and stick to it.

Tomato jam 3-1/5 (out of 5)
This was the 2011 version of one of last year’s stealth successes, except that I used purple basil instead of lemon basil and didn’t add balsamic. Nice but not the knock your socks off amazing that we got last year.

Plum jam with five spice 3 (out of five)
Lovely taste, excellent set, decent aftertaste of exotic spice. A little chewy for my taste

Apricot jam 4 (out of 5)
Five stars for the taste. But you can cut this one with a knife, so it loses a star for setting just a notch too well.

Damson jam 2 (out of 5) (or 5 out of 5 with ice cream)
I cut the sugar down to 2 cups for 5 cups of fruit and skipped the spices for a second attempt at damson jam, using a colander to mash the pulp through (and try to get rid of the many, many stones). The set and the color are wonderful, but this is the first jam I’ve made that’s actually a notch too tart. Mixed with (tart) plain yogurt it was almost unpleasant. But paired with vanilla ice cream it was absolutely, truly amazing.

It’s all about those pairings.

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