Mushroom marshmallow

I have never seen puffballs on sale anywhere before, so when one of the stands at St Lawrence Market had a couple of giant ones on offer this weekend, I had to bite. And after two days of cooking with them, I am glad I did.

I knew puffballs as a baseball sized white ‘shroom that experts found in the woods, and I’ve eaten them once, fried with butter. These monsters were almost the size of a soccer ball, and they were selling a quarter of a monster for $10. We peeled them, ate half on Saturday, and the second half today. Two giant meals for two for $10, plus the extras we threw in. Amazing, and amazingly good.

Day one was fried in a mixture of butter and olive oil, with lots of garlic and some leftover red peppers and sugar snap peas, and mixed in with scrambled eggs, for breakfast in the evening.

And day two was ‘shrooms and bacon, with broccoli for greens.

The taste, rich and earthy, but absorbing the flavors you cook it with. Texture is almost melt-in-the-mouth.

And yes, they look scarily like hugely overgrown marshmallows on steroids.

Here is half of the quarter, posing with my biggest knife.

And here today’s supper.

We ate it with the dried fruit chutney from the winter.


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  1. Never seen anything like it! But looks like a yummy dish.

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