I vaguely looked up a couple of online cherry jam recipes last night, but with the recipes in grams or pounds, and measuring cups the only possibility in the temporary kitchen, I never quite figured out what was what. I didn’t have any lemons, so I used limes, and I didn’t put plates in the freezer for long enough to get a proper set test done.

The result: three jars of a cherry jam that’s really more of a syrup, although it does taste good on yogurt or ice cream.I could boil it up again and hope it sets, but then there would be only two jars, and what’s the point?

  • Cherry jam just isn’t my favorite jam. The flavor doesn’t seem to come through properly, and the cherries themselves taste chewy rather than melting into jam
  • Cherries have a short season. Just eat them fresh.
  • And most important. Sometimes recipes are a really good idea.

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  1. alliumstozinnias said

    I’ll take your unwanted cherry jam … mmm

    Did my own batch of canning after a trip yesterday to the produce auction place (now three days of direct sales and one auction, so we go for the direct sales). Split a flat of blueberries, a box of peaches and a box of tomatillos with a neighbor, who I showed how to can. Peach salsa, tomatillo salsa, thinking about bluebderry-peach jam…

    Come visit!

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