Mmm, strawberries

Now I know strawberries have been around in some parts of the world for weeks or months already — I bought some in the California farmers’ markets way back in February — but they have been slow to arrive in Ontario this year, because of that cool wet spring.

This of course stymied plans to capture the taste of summer, and delayed the completion of internet and newspaper ideas I have been saving optimistically in a post that I’ve called the wish list.  I was particularly intrigued by a recipe from the New York times called “pickled strawberry jam”.

Canning buddy and I made it today, and while it really was super quick, I admit I wish we hadn’t bothered.

Admittedly we used liquid pectin rather than the powdered pectin that the recipe called for, but my early take on this is that it’s neither pickled nor jam, and even the strawberries have a nasty aftertaste that could come from the salt that was a surprising addition, or perhaps from two pods of cardamon we added to the tiny amount of rice and sherry vinegars that started the whole thing off. This isn’t even a syrup, to be honest, it’s more like a super-sweet juice, and the chunks of strawberries have the wishy washy texture of frozen strawberries (albeit a notch more chewy) rather than the dense concentrated fruitiness that comes with a good jam. And as for the pickled part, well I can’t taste a hint of pickle-spiced tartness at all.

At least the recipe only made three jars.

Any ideas of what to do with a somewhat sweet, not particularly tasty red syrup?

Rating: 1-1/2 (out of 5)

A full point for the glorious deep red color, plus a half point for vaguely reminding me of strawberry somewhere along the line.

I have started work on a three-stage strawberry, rhubarb, rosemary concoction to make me feel better.



  1. Claire said

    How about a summer strawberry syrup sprtizer?

  2. reno21 said

    I think that one would work — a dash of dry wine, soda and strawberry, preferably outside on a hot summer’s evening. Will let you know

    A smoothie, made with mango, banana and strange strawberry syrup stuff was another failure.

  3. […] to say that I’ve always been somewhat frightened of unadulterated strawberry jam, and the pickled strawberry jam recipe that canning buddy and I made few weeks back just proved my point.  It sounded interesting, […]

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