California dreamin’

It’s when I leave Toronto that I really realize the preserving potential in other parts of the world, and all I can say is that if I lived in California the marmalade would be spilling out of the front door by now. It’s citrus season in California, you see, and that means pomelos the size of boulders, and a dozen types of oranges, not to mention artichokes that wouldn’t fit on the average dinner plate.

I know this one because I dragged friends to two different farmers’ markets on an all-too-short California trip, the one that Chowhound experts dub the best of San Diego, and the smaller one in Thousand Oaks, just outside Los Angeles.

Here’s a small selection of the bounty, none of which made it back to Canada because I feared the customs officials might object.

I did eat two (very large) oranges and three tangarines on the plane on the way home. Is that a record for single-sitting citrus eating?

Which one should I try first?

Pomelos. Surprisingly sweet inside a 4cm rind.

Dried persimmons. Not much taste to be honest, but doesn't mean I didn't get excited about them.

and that's some artichoke



  1. Julie said

    The photos are wonderful! You made the Westlake Farmers Market seem cool!!!

    BTW: the juice I made with the blood oranges was super outstanding. And it lasted because the boys didn’t know what it was because of the color. 🙂 But they loved it after they were told.

  2. Maybe we should take can-o-rama on the road!

  3. Yes, but how would we get the bounty home?

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