They only look like oranges

At first sight, Seville oranges really are rather pretty. Orange, as you would expect, and somewhat misshapen, as if someone fired a pellet gun at them as they were growing and they ended up dimpled and pockmarked. But cut into them, and all you get is pith and lots and lots of pits, giving the lie to any hint that they  might actually be a fruit.But they make a damn good marmalade.

Last weekend, the first of the incredibly short season where these oranges actually make it to Toronto stores, three of us sat down to try out the transformation with two different concoctions, an orange ginger marmalade, which seems to have set like a charm, and a traditional orange marmalade, which looks a little runny, and is a little sweeter than the truly tangy one we made last year. That might be a good thing. The other one really was a little tart.

Of course I can’t really judge them until I open them up and slather them on brown toast, or add to a peanut butter sandwich for a skiing or a biking trip, but they  look pretty impressive.

Peanut butter and marmalade sandwiches are my latest ski trip/bike ride fuel — carbs, sugar and protein in one easy to carry package.

There is a rating from last week’s lemon marmalade, however:

Lemon marmalade

Lovely color, nice texture, perfect set, and an enticing combination of sweet and sour.

Rating: 4-1/2 (out of five)

Pretty close to perfect.




  1. Elizabeth said

    What excellent news that you recently found Seville oranges in Toronto! Heading out now, hoping they’ll be at the supermarket near us….

  2. Yup, I thought it was pretty exciting too. I don’t know if they make it beyond places like St Lawrence Market though.

  3. Have to look out for those Seville oranges here, haven’t seen them yet. But your jars are looking darned tempting! The kids used to love a cream cheese/avocado/marmalade sandwich – sounds odd, I know, but quite yummy!

    • There’s a surprisingly large number of things that work with marmalade. I had a blue cheese marmalade sandwich the other day.

      Must admit I am not sure about the avocado. But hey, I’ll try (almost) everything once.

  4. Elizabeth said

    Ha. Having failed in our initial search at various nearby stores yesterday, I was just coming back to find out where you got your Seville oranges. Rats. I was hoping it would be closer to us than St.Lawrence Market….

    (There’s a really good looking recipe for roast chicken with marmalade and rosemary in the recent LCBO food and drink magazine)

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