Shame about the salsa

A tomato pepper salsa made with the summer’s tomato glut is really one of the prettiest can-stuff I’ve made for ages, with a deep red-orange base with flecks of green chile and stripes of deeper red from the roasted red peppers. But to be honest, I just don’t like the taste.

I mean this baby looks beautiful, and I’m glad we gave it a go. But to me it just tastes of heat, while a chutney, even one with chile, has a far more rounded sugar-spice-vinegar offering.

Or maybe it was that ready-made spicing that did it. It’s a first time, and maybe a last, but we used a mix. I admit it made things easier.

But never again. That’s all I can say.


1 (out of five). It gets a point for looking so beautiful. It loses four because I don’t like it.

Please note: these ratings are deeply personal. The spouse, who likes his food spicier than I do, thinks this one is just fine.

Anyone want the final jar?



  1. You can always save it for me 🙂
    But a packaged spice mix … I’d never have guessed you would!

  2. I know. I bow my head in shame.

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