Travel broadens the eating horizons

There’s nothing like an out of town trip to make you realize what you are missing in terms of foods and fruits. I feel that each time I visit somewhere like Zabars in New York, and I felt it again in today, with a glorious visit to the even more glorious Santa Fe farmers market , which describes itself as one of the top farmers’ markets in the country. Well I’ve not been to that many U.S. farmers’ markets, but this one made me want to buy up strings of garlic and wreaths of chili to take home, as well as investing in pans, spices and ingredients and get to work here in a tiny rental apartment. Luckily reality sank in before I could get that far. Canadian customs probably wouldn’t take kindly to New Mexico garlic or pimentos, and the TSA would definitely turn their noses up at dangerous home-made chutney. So I looked and longed and bought four ounces of beautifully bitter arugula to have with a cheese sandwich tonight.

There were many highlights, so I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves.

Why can’t we get all that in my part of the world?

Marvelous misshapen peppers

Marvelous multicolored peppers

More multicolored peppers

And tomatoes (also multicolored)

What about garlic?
Chili peppers?

And some flowers to round it all off.

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  1. Silvia said

    Come to NJ for can-o-rama next year and you can see some of this. (we don’t do chili peppers and garlic like that, though)

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