Shame about the color

What do you do with a jam that makes you want to shut your eyes?

A plum cardamon venture from late last summer is one of those jams. If you close your eyes, there’s an overwhelming taste of plum, a gentle chewiness from the well-cooked skins, and vivid memories of the lucious, dusky, purple plums that appear at the farmers markets at this time of year. It’s neither sweet nor tart, just flavorful, even if I can’t quite taste the cardamon. It goes very well with yogurt, and will be lovely with toast or pound cake.

But the color is a different story. I don’t know whether it’s in the boiling or in the storing, but this jam has lost any hint of beautiful, dusky, purple plums and it’s just plain brown, with a hint of slime. The plum pieces look like onion slices and there are neither fruit chunks nor syrup to break up the texture. Such a shame.

I’ll spare you a picture.

Rating: 2/1-2 (out of five). It gets 2/1-2 points for the taste, loses 2-1/2 for the color.



  1. I made mango chutney only once for a similar reason — instead of staying bright yellow, it turned brown in the boiling. Maybe turmeric would have made it look more attractive? Tips?

  2. Less boiling perhaps? I made one gelatinous, brown mango chutney (the one I blogged about as tasting like store bought) and a couple of glorious yellow/orange ones.

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