Parental pride

Some people are proud of their kids, or their pets, or their grandchildren, as they take their first steps or learn to play the digeridoo.

Me, I’m proud of my tomato plants.

You see the seeds I planted back in the spring, and carefully nurtured to baby seedlings, baby plants and then full-size planter plants are now taller than I am. And more to the point, one of their babies has just started to turn tomato red.

These are monster tomatoes, the size of my fist, with corrugated tops and delicate pointy bottoms and I’m pleasantly amazed that they made it this far. Followers of this blog may remember that they are an unknown heirloom variety that arrived in Toronto via Vienna and Suffolk. I remembered them as orange-and-green rather than red-and-green (I guess I was wrong), but I also remember a delicate, sweet taste unlike any tomato I have tasted before.

The forecast is rain today, and sun after that. How much longer before that almost-red tomato becomes ripe enough to eat?



  1. Bernadette said

    Congratulations! They look delicious. Tell me what you’ll be doing with them!

    • They have to ripen a little more first. But I think the first one will be a straight caprese: sliced thick and served with olive oil, basil, salt, pepper and buffalo mozarella.

  2. Yay!! You are on your way to becoming a gardener, even if you claim there isn’t much sun!

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