Just like store-bought

Now those are words I really didn’t expect to be writing about a home-made chutney creation, but I have to admit that last year’s mango ginger chutney is not knocking my socks off right now. The color is good, a deep golden brown, and the texture is the perfect mix between slightly chewy mango chunks and a dark syrupy liquid binding it all together.

But it reminds me of a somewhat dumbed-down version of the Sharwoods Mango Chutney they served in Indian restaurants in Britain, a key element of those late-night meals in the Selly Oak curry houses after the pubs closed. It’s pleasant enough, but I have to admit it’s nothing special. It’s rather too sweet, it’s not particularly spicy and there are way too many raisins.

Just like store-bought, in fact. 😦

This may be the first near dud from what has long been the most reliable of recipe books, a thin, colorful Australian volume that has struck gold almost every time.

Is it possible that a year is too long to keep a chutney — this jar dates back from June last year — and the taste has vanished as the chutney matured?

Or did it taste like this all the time, and I just forgot?

I’m not posting the recipe for this one.

Rating: 3 (out of 5). (And that’s perhaps being generous.) It wins big time for the texture and the color, loses for just not really tasting of anything special at all.


  1. I made mango chutney once — and only once. I decided it’s just not that good (and I left out the raisins) and not worth the mess of peeling and chopping mango. I don’t like the color either. I thought it would be more yellow than brown, even if the store stuff is brown.

  2. I made a mango chutney before and it was really good so I think it’s the recipe (or the chef) rather than the mango. Peeling them isn’t that bad — much easier than peeling apples or pears in my book.

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