Recipes that grow

There’s a definite rhubarb theme to the latest jamming misadventures, but with strawberries now crowding the market stalls it was time to try to recreate one of the successes of 2009, a tart squidgy strawberry rhubarb jam that won rave reviews last year. Except that, as always, I had no clue which recipe I used. That made it a little difficult.

Let’s just say that it definitely tastes different than it did last year, and the fruit is more separate, perhaps because it had a whole day macerating in sugar before it turned into jam. But I think it’s going to be rather nice. The recipe came from a British book that I’ve had mixed success with (it made a goosberry chutney that took forever to boil down and ended up tasting of vinegar), but it sounded worth trying. I cut the sugar a little, added an extra lemon and was ready to roll.

I admit I got a little suspicious when it needed all the rhubarb I had bought, and then some, but I guess I wasn’t thinking fast enough to halve the recipe. I added all the pectin I had left in the house, it seemed to set, in a rather runny sort of way.

But there are 10 jars of the concoction.

Anyone want a jar of somewhat runny strawberry, rhubarb, vanilla jam?

Moving on, without further delay, to a gooseberry strawberry jam. I only put 6 jars in the canner to sterilize, so it damn well has to be enough.


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