Plant murderer

So what do you do when you grow 12 tomato seedlings, but there won’t be room on the patio for more than 2 or 3 of them? The spouse can take a few plants for his place, and canning buddy has promised to make space on her patio for another one or two. But that doesn’t make up the total yet, so there will be more on offer come Victoria Day, which is the first day when you’re actually supposed to plant stuff outside in this part of the world. Any takers?

I admit it’s hard to pitch a tomato plant to friends when you the only moniker is that “they’re really delicious.” If I remember things correctly, these are golden tomatoes, with a distinctly pointy base and a sweet, dense taste with a hint of peach. But the seeds came from Vienna via Suffolk and nobody really knows anything about them.

Two little seedlings ended up forlornly in the compost today, plant killer that I am. But there are 10 more little pots just waiting for the sun, and I just started two little peat grow thingies with seeds for golden beets to keep the productivity ball rolling.

Two firsts: first time growing anything at all from seed, and first time with a growlamp. I am feeling scarily domesticated.

Back to theme. Will there be enough harvest to make a chutney of golden sweet tomatoes with a hint of peach?

Question to real gardeners: How big should those seedlings be before I plant them in the big, bad, cold outdoors?

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  1. Before you plant them, be sure to slowly acclimate them to the outdoors — colder, windier than inside! Leave them out in the sun, then bring them inside for a few days. They will be fine (and yes, are big enough to be planted outside).
    What to do with the extras? Squeeze in more (my technique–you need a few ‘reserves’ 🙂 and offer them to everyone possible (office, friends, neighbors, local school garden). I admit, that sometimes takes a while.

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