The misadventure

I guess there was something in the tempting providence camp when I said I would stop writing about jams and start writing about the attempt to remodel a very small house to make it work for two. And when you tempt providence (or should that be Providence?), it’s providence that usually wins.

As of this weekend, the reno is off, before it actually even began. It’s a long story, and I’m not going into the details until we have a little more clarity, but the short version is that the design wouldn’t work for the house, and changing the design wouldn’t work for us.

It’s a cloudy scenario (so cloudy that I wasn’t even sure I wanted to write about it), but there are silver linings:

1. This emerged before anyone actually took sledgehammer to walls, or opened up a roof
2. We hadn’t even started packing
3. I took advantage of the fact that we’ll be here for a while longer to make a curiously addictive mango citrus chutney, using a flat of mangos from Little India, a lot of spices and a generous selection of citrus fruits.

More on that anon.


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