Forget the gooseberry bush

It’s sad to admit that something doesn’t work, but I think this past summer was the first and the last canning season that I’m going to bother with gooseberries. First there was a gooseberry chutney that was all vinegary tartness and no taste, and now I opened up a jar of gooseberry jam that’s got a pleasant enough taste — a nice sweetness with a hint of tart — but too many seeds and a lot of scarily tough skins. Add to that the pain in the neck preparation of topping and tailing a gazillion tiny fruit, and I’m ready to say goodbye to gooseberries for good.

It’s a shame really. They were remarkably easy to pick, and perhaps that was part of the problem. In no time at all we had a couple of containers, which was far more than we had expected, and it made for a lot of jam and a lot of that indifferent chutney. But they were tiny, maybe a centimeter long, and that meant a lot of work getting them ready to cook.


Gooseberry chutney: 1 (out of 5) my lowest ranking to date, because all I could really taste was the vinegar
Gooseberry jam: 2 (out of 5). Nice enough taste, seriously good set, but just not worth the effort.


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  1. Bernadette said

    That is a shame indeed, especially as they are enticingly pretty 😦 Hope mango is on your list as it’s Ataulfo season soon!

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