The dream begins (or will it be a nightmare?)

I suspect there won’t be many culinary misadventures coming up, but we are about six inches away from signing up to totally remodel a very small Victorian row house to turn it into a somewhat less small Victorian row house. So it might be worth the occasional online rant as work goes on.

The word is that the test of a successful reno is that you are still talking to your spouse at the end of it.

The test of a really successful reno is that you are still talking to your contractor.


  1. I look forward to seeing your rants about the renovation. 🙂

  2. We definitely are not talking to our contractor, but we are talking to the guy who really did the work. Hmm. Good luck!

  3. we really enjoyed our reno in T.O., despite not wanting to talk to the contractor some days and his men not showing up to work on others! it all looked beautiful in the end. good luck, it will be fun!

  4. […] Filed under posts I guess there was something in the tempting providence camp when I said I would stop writing about jams and start writing about the attempt to remodel a very small house to make it work for two. And when […]

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