Marmalade mania

Never let anyone say anything against the power of the press. A newspaper writes something about that short season for Seville oranges, and four days later I end up with 20 something jars of marmalade in three glorious colors. There’s a blood orange concoction on the left (thanks to London for the inspiration here), a rich one with brown sugar and whisky in the middle and the almost-classic on the right, with a few cubes of crushed up ginger to give it  a bit of a bite.

Now I also admit that 20+ jars of marmalade are going to be something of a challenge to a two-person household. But I’m sure we’ll find our way around that one, especially once the biking season starts and I can start the marmalade/peanut butter routine for mid-ride meals. And I’m also sure that jar tally will fall steeply as people start staking their claims to a share of the bounty. Just make sure you give me the jars back, folks.

As for making the stuff, it’s actually pretty easily, in a messy sort of way. You boil the fruit with water, then scoop the seeds and flesh from the boiled up, softened oranges (and Seville oranges have a scarily large amount of seeds), before bringing the whole goopy mess up to the boil again with sugar until it sets.

There was a moment of panic when the new flat-top stove refused point-blank to bring the mix to a full rolling boil. It boils nicely at the start, but then the red light goes off just as the roll starts, and things cool down again. This is not good for marmalade, and I’m not sure if it signifies a dud stove, or if that’s just par for the flat-top course. I will have to start looking into this one. If it’s the stove it may be time to switch to gas.

Just don’t do as I did, and drop one jar as you try to screw the lid on. It didn’t break, but it’s amazing how far sticky jam can spread when a piping hot jar slithers out of your grasp.

So now the question. There’s marmalade on toast, marmalade and peanut butter sarnies and a wonderful Nigella Lawson marmalade/chocolate cake I found on the internet last year. Anyone got anything else?


  1. lemon or orange cake with marmalade and whipped cream in the middle? sorry, you know cake is never far from my mind! maybe marmalade with roast duck? marmalade, avocado and cream cheese sarnies are tasty and the kids enjoyed them even as toddlers.. i baked nigella’s marmalade/choc cake for my sister in law and it was scrummy 🙂

  2. How did you make the blood orange one? Let me know how that taste compares.

  3. @Alliums. Blood orange was half Seville and half blood oranges. I would have liked to use the thin-skinned Italian oranges, but they were not around (or it’s not yet the season for them) so I used the California ones with thick orange rinds. It’s a different taste — a notch less bitter, and the color is sort of fun. One day I’ll get a real blood orange marmalade recipe.

    @Diva — marmalade, avocado and cream cheese sarnies??? I can imagine the marmalade and cream cheese, but avocado? Well, try anything once.

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