That Christmas cake

So it’s a month since I tried my luck with first Christmas cake for a couple of decades, and while I fed it carefully with brandy to keep it moist, I admit I did worry about whether it would actually be worth the effort. I mean let’s face it, most rich fruit cakes are pretty ho-hum, with too much cake, and not enough fruit. This one sat like a stone on the kitchen counter for a month, and I’m not even sure I cooked it the full four hours that the recipe said I should, so would it even taste good? Would it be worth the effort?

Well, at the risk of sounding smug, I’m proud to announce that it does, and it was. It’s scarily rich — half of a very small slice was plenty big enough to round off a meal — but it’s also pretty damn good, with a rich fruity texture and hardly any cake. The spouse has put in a request for more glace cherries next time around (not sure about that one) and I’m actually wondering about cutting the nuts. But we agree on the need for more mixed peel, and perhaps some crystallized ginger to add a little spice.

Those in the Toronto office get a taste tomorrow. Apologies to the rest of you.


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