Seriously satisfying season

There’s something seriously satisfying about this time of year, in that it provides a chance to give away some of those jars that have been accumulating each year. And a Hannukah party this weekend means that the store cupboard is more than a dozen jars emptier than it was before, which leaves all the more room for the next round of creativity.

To my surprise, the chutneys disappeared before the jams (I felt a little like an air hostess as I went round asking “jam or chutney” instead of “chicken or beef” to an assortment of guests), and even more surprisingly the rhubarb marmalade prompted more oohs and aahs than the bog standard strawberry. I always thought everyone loved strawberry jam, and while I admit I like it a lot, I do resent the fact that it needs pectin to set, and then sets a little bit too much, sitting on the spoon in a solid blob rather than oozing away.

Of course I won’t be able to test that theory any more, as I gave away the last of the 2009 strawberry jam by mistake, leaving me with some much more esoteric mixes like peach-pistachio and raspberry-redcurrant. I don’t even know that plain strawberry will make it to the 2010 roster. It’s nice, but is it rave-review nice?

Anyone out there who actually sampled this year’s batch and wants to offer an opinion?


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