On the one hand, I want to use seasonal fruits and vegetables where possible, but to the best of my knowledge, lemons never actually are in season in Canada. So I took advantage of a rare trip to Costco to buy two bags of ’em, even if they were imported all the way from Argentina, to make preserved lemons that I can use to pep food up over the winter. The recipe itself is a cinch — almost quarter lemons, pack in  salt, put in jar, add spices, cover with lemon juice and leave for a month. But I’d forgotten how hard it is to squish the fruit into a far too narrow jar.  The recipe said six lemons would fit in a one-liter jar, but I was hard pressed (pun intended) to manage five.  Now they have to sit in the fridge a month or so, with frequent shaking to make sure the spices meld in nicely with the fruit, and we get to fight to get them out of the jar sometime around the end of the year.

Is there anyone out there with recipes for using preserved lemons? Oh, and any ideas to use the eight leftovers fruit and the half-cup of juice? For some reason I’ve never quite understood, I’m not a great fan of lemon cake or lemon cookies, but maybe there’s a really sharp lemony one out there that would make me change my mind.



  1. Corinne said

    For use of preserved lemons look at Moroccan cuisine.

    To use the leftover fruit no need to go for pudding recipes if like me you don’t have a sweet tooth, try Greek avgolemono, Senegalese yassa, Peruvian ceviche… and you can use the squeezed out fruit to shine copper pans and / or whiten your elbows 🙂

  2. Tricia Zengerle said

    When I saw your post, I was going to ask – what do you DO with preserved lemons…. but now I see you are asking also. I love lemon.

    • Last time around I used boneless chicken thighs and made a stuffing on preserved lemons and dates, and it was pretty yummy. But I’m hoping someone will step in and offer cool North African recipes. I mean what’s the point of blogging if you don’t get recipes?

  3. alliumstozinnias said

    I think you should try Diva Indoors’ mint and lime panna cotta, using lemon instead.
    Or try this one-pot recipe from Delia — I made it once and it was nice, also easy: http://www.deliaonline.com/recipes/cuisine/mediterranean/middle-eastern/moroccan-baked-chicken-with-chickpeas-and-rice.html (calls for lemons, not preserved lemons, but who cares?)

    If you bring a jar in January (or I could make my own, I suppose), we could try a recipe from my Moroccan cookbook called tagine of chicken with olives and preserved lemon. Or should I fax you the recipe?

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