Mixing and matching

The problem with chutneys is that they really do start tasting better a month or so after you bottle them, so it’s easy to bottle something, and promptly forget that it exists. And that was the story with an experimental sour cherry chutney, which I made this summer because I was worried that I had too much jam. It was one of those recipes that ends up making just a couple of jars, which meant one for me and one for bottling friend, so I only had one jar anyway, and I thought I’d save it for winter, when I wanted something to remind me of cherries. OK, it’s not quite winter yet, but middle of last month seemed like a good time to open the jar.

First the good news. It’s got a nice texture, and a dark red-brown color, unlike most chutneys which are just plain brown. But served on a goat cheese sandwich, it just seemed sweet — almost like a jam, but with onion slices. In fact it was so sweet that I tried it with vanilla ice cream instead. Sounds silly. Was silly. Really not a good idea.

And then, in one of those inspirational moments, I tried it on crackers with old manchego cheese, and bingo. The perfect pairing, the sharpness of the cheese offsetting the sweetness of the chutney.

Will I make it again? Probably not. But it was worth trying once.

Chutney and cheese

Rating: 3-1/2 stars.



  1. alliumstozinnias said

    What were some of the ingredients beyond vinegar and sugar?
    Though I’m a cherry jam person — one of my homemade substitutes for store-bought jelly in a PBJ.
    If only pitting them wasn’t so time-consuming…

  2. Again, I can’t find the recipe. It wasn’t in the book I thought it was in.

    Talking of PBJ, have you tried PB+(homemade)marmalade?

    Very awesome. Can’t wait for the marmalade season.

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