Hello world!

It all started with bicycles, or rather with a friend who persuaded me that bicycles could be more than a means of transport and might be a fun way to see the world.

Then friend moved on to jams and chutneys, which seemed a somewhat quaint and curious thing to do.  But I got to sample some of the goodies, and then one dull day several years later, faced with a glut of home picked raspberries, I decided to give this strange idea a try. And let’s just say it was like the blinding light on the road to Damascus. Home-made raspberry jam is like bottled summer, red, vibrant and delicious, and despite a few miscues and concoctions that look more like sauce than like jam, it’s all scarily easy.

At last count I had 49 jars of varying jams, chutneys and pickles in the basement and another dozen or more in the fridge, so maybe it’s time to share some of the ideas, as well as giving away even more of the jars. Surely someone out there has to be interested in the process, and surely someone will have ideas on what could work better.

Disclaimer first. I’m a rookie at this blogging game. I have no idea yet how to post pictures, create threads or even reply to messages, and I’m not sure yet if I like this particular wallpaper or if there’s a better one lurking out there that I’ve not discovered yet. Follow along. Maybe we’ll all learn something.


  1. Said friend’s next goal is to turn you into a gardener too! And you can help me get back on my bike in a big way!
    Did you see the Wall Street Journal article on canning a couple of weeks ago? Two months late, in my view, since most of us are long past the summer glut. But the best part was one of the online commenters who noted that a CNBC anchor had turned up her nose when hearing of the article and asking if people really do that! Of course, this is New York, where people may talk the locavore talk but prefer their local restaurant or take-out to do the work.

    • Wall Street Journal and NY Times both did canning pieces this year, which I took as a sign that I (and you) are way ahead of the curve. I made the NYT recipe, which was for pickled asparagus, and admit I wondered why I bothered. It was ok, but asparagus has rather too subtle a taste to meld with vinegar and spices. And the pickled stuff is has this unappetizing dull grey-yellow, unlike the brilliant green fresh stuff.

      Having said that, it might taste better now, after the memory of springtime fresh asparagus has faded a bit. I’ll try and see.

  2. Tricia Zengerle said

    I love to cook and every summer I make extra stuff (roasted tomatoes in olive oil and pesto) that I freeze for use over the next few months, but I’ve always been intimidated by canning. Maybe you’ll inspire me.

  3. From the sublime to the ridiculous. You make yummy jams and chutneys, and I make a maiden voyage into homebrewed ginger beer! Shall come back and see what else you’ve created!

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